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About Us

The Applied Kinesiology Seminars course has been constructed by Jim Townhill DC DIBAK who is passionate about influencing a positive change in the health care of patients. Health care providers need a reliable tool to help them diagnose, prescribe and treat the most effective options for patients. Manual muscle testing within the framework of Applied Kinesiology is an effective method in which to do this.

If you are frustrated with your lack of tools and options and are actively seeking more effective ways to help your patients, then you are the sort of practitioner that should consider Applied Kinesiology and AK needs you too! Patients who are getting sicker and more frustrated with the lack of answers for their health problems often find answers through a practitioner that goes the extra mile. Applied Kinesiology gives you the ability to find the right answers for them using the tool of manual muscle testing.

Applied kinesiology courses given by Jim are organized through Hanze Chiropractie, which is a registered business at the address of Kastanjelaan 8, 6883 HX, Velp, The Netherlands. Please click on the link here to find out about available courses.

For more information or to register, contact Sharon Townhill

Or call: + 31 26 3613702 (available Monday to Thursday from 8am to 5pm)